If you like speed, you will like the new Samsung 960 EVO reach 3,500 MB/s

The explosive evolution of SSDs is turning these units into a continuous surprise in terms of capacity and performance is concerned. Every time we have more economical solutions in cost per GB, but what really sets these devices is their speed transfers, leaving the bitumen to traditional hard drives.

That has again demonstrated with the launch of the new Samsung 960 PRO and Samsung 960 EVO, units in M.2 PCIe SSD format with which the manufacturer again offers transfer speeds of vertigo: up to 3,500 MB / s in reading and up to 2,100 MB / s in writing.

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Transfer speeds

The new controller “Polaris” for these units is one of those responsible for the performance of these units in which the V-NAND Samsung technology allows storage density also grow significantly. In fact we have versions of 512, 1TB and 2TB for Samsung 960 PRO, while units “end user”, the Samsung 960 EVO will be available in 250GB, 500GB and 1TB.

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These latest editions is slightly reduced performance: 3,200 MB / s in reading, 1,900 MB / s in writing and 380k IOPS compared to 440k IOPS on random reads.The new drives will be available next October and prices will be of $ 129.88 for the 960 EVO 250GB, $ 249 for 500 GB and $ 479 for 1TB.

The business – oriented PRO models will be more expensive, as expected: $ 329.99 for 512GB, $ 629 for 1TB and $ 1,299 for 2TB. This new release puts into perspective the previous 950 PRO with lower yields (2,500 MB / s in reading, 1,500 MB / s in writing) and not as competitive among other things by having a less powerful controller. Polaris in the new use of a five – core chip is made by the triple-core chip of the controllers UBX these previous models.

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