iPhone 7 Plus, what more and less we liked

If you want to know the best and worst of the new iPhone in July, we have prepared some first impressions where we tell you what we liked most and what causes us more questions or rejection. And of course these first impressions of the iPhone 7 Plus comes with its corresponding video so you can see close up and running.

iPhone 7, it seems quite different

Unless you turn around and observe the change of place of unsightly band antenna, you have chosen one of the two new colors, or look in profile the biggest bulge of the double camera, the iPhone 7 Plus is the same as the model From last year.

The usual design change that Apple has held every two generations has stopped on this iPhone 7 Plus. But there are many changes in its base design so that we cannot ignore this section.

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Two new colors

Visually the most significant of the new iPhone 7 Plus is that the classic colors are incorporated two shades of black quite different. The most striking is the Jet Black having a polished end that makes the touch or look at reality seem glass. Or quality plastic. But nothing suggests that the finish is actually aluminum. It is controversial because it effectively is a fingerprint magnet, but with the advantage that can be removed so easily and speed as they arrive.

The continuity of the back is very welcome in the dark models, new, but today is still appreciating the band antennas but has moved to the edges.

Eye to bulge double chamber because it is meaningful and far more prominent than the previous generation. There is enough visual shock, but the terminal does not limp or anything. In any case this integration, beyond the aesthetic issue is well settled and conveys security.

If you were wondering how it is at the level of dimensions, no significant changes in weight, length or thickness, so the iPhone 7 Plus still lagging behind in that department, especially in weight.

Reaches water resistance

Equally so ask for a terminal that costs what it costs, the new iPhone is waterproof. We do not want to soak it because basically we are not going to do anything with it as soon as the water touches the screen, but opens up a range of uses in beaches, pools or kitchen where so far some users had more qualms about having the phone Apple functioning.

Eventually this resistance to water and dust will be called upon more carefree and avoid “micro infarction” accidents with liquids. Who says no to that advantage?

Home button and headphone port

If water resistance we saw as necessary, we cannot say the same button again and start removing the headphone port . Thinking like Apple and understanding their history, I must say that at some point this would happen. But are not two features or new features that go to make anyone with a previous iPhone and which is satisfied, feel the need to change. Nor is it a magnet for users of competing platforms.

That said, get used to the new home button, which is not physical but works by vibration response is a matter of a few hours. We can set the strength of the response, and it works exactly as if it were physical, both effective in identifying our footprint as quickly to do so. We will see if over time, the advantage is pulled to level of functioning is convinced that Apple has the technology change.

The same applies to the headphone port. There adapter to use your own, but I’m afraid that adapter ends up being more of a nuisance (or break) than anything else. The AirPods not yet have been able to try them, and I think that is the main reason for out of the way the port of 3.5 mm, but we have compared the listener with new EarPods by Lighting and classics, and if there are differences in quality, at the consumer level it will be very difficult to appreciate. And sell the user the advantage.

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iPhone 16GB: Rest in peace

The basis of the new iPhone in July and 7 Plus model of 32 GB , finally. This makes it move to the top model is not as necessary as in previous generations, but in any case, Apple’s strategy is similar year after year: the following model greatly improves the basis that capacity this year up to 128 GB, and doubt whether to spend more to make that leap of capacity is still there.

Another detail that seems ugly is that for models of black tones that are released with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, one can opt for versions of 128 and 256 GB. Without slot microSD, of course.

A level of performance or autonomy we could assess judiciously what gives this iPhone 7 Plus. But the A10 with IOS 10 as always happens in every new terminal of Apple, are a brutal absolutely winning combination.

Yes we have been able to appreciate the substantial improve sound quality, mainly in power, leaving us the new iPhone with the arrival at last of stereo sound. We cannot talk about sound almost ridiculous compared to the competition as in previous versions. It is powerful, sounds good but sound too bright, but is still far from other terminals as the HTC 10.

And the screen? With the same resolution and diagonal, which have been able to assess so far is that the superior brightness argues Apple as improvement is real. Placing it next to the “old” iPhone 6s Plus can be noticed and outdoors helps us that visibility is better.

A camera that rises substantially level

For anyone thinking about renewing the mobile phone, camera iPhone 7 Plus itself that should be considered calmly. We will do our full analysis, but we have been able to play with the dual lens system and hooks. Maybe it’s just for the novelty, but to play with two zoom magnification without loss of quality we liked indoors and to capture details.

When we do not turn the zoom, Apple again shows that it is at the top in terms of processing, which in color reproduction nobody wins him today when the light is sufficient, and no improvement in the ability to collect light from the sensor. We will see soon how far been able to improve night photos, which already suffered enough.

For a couple of generations ago, choosing an iPhone no longer responds to opt for the best terminal market in several key sections, as has been camera, display or design. At the level of the Nexus, the Galaxy or as strong pillars like the sound of HTC One 10, choose the new iPhone 7 must attend the ecosystem in which we want to be, the operating system or preferences very personal. But not pure common sense, especially when in the high end, where it does not have rival Apple is in the price of their equipment.

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