MacBooks with ARM micros! Sierra prepares macOS support the ARM architecture

A few days ago we talked about the new Apple A10, powerful processors iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus count showing some surprising benefits. While some micros we noted that these could be the heart not only of their phones, but also hypothetical MacBook ARM.

This hypothesis is strengthened again after the discovery that has been made in Sierra macOS code, the desktop operating system Apple that until now was totally oriented x86 processors. A new line, however, shows that support ARM processors is a fact.

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ARM MacBook seems closer than ever

In the release notes kernel Sierra 10-12 macOS Family HURRICANE appears ARM chips supported. This family has not been officially announced; we had the Cyclone A7, A8 Typhoon, the Twister A9 and A10 new Fusion.

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That would suggest new processors (maybe some Apple A10x) for the first time allow working with the Sierra macOS operating system directly.

As explained in iClarified, while developers who distribute their applications through the App Store do not send binary files, but send the so – called “bit code”, then Apple used to convert the application and leave it ready for each platform. That would make it possible that with the “bit code” applications for the x86 architecture and the ARM is offered soon.

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