Moto G6 and G6 Plus vs Xiaomi Note 5 Pro vs Huawei P20 Lite: The best average range of less than 350 dollars

Far from the lights and praises of the high-end, Lenovo has presented its new Moto G6 and G6 Plus, smartphones that combine design, great features and above all a price of around 300 dollars is in the market with a powerful competition: The mid-range.

We compared the new Moto G6 and G6 Plus with big heavyweights like the recent Huawei P20 Lite, the Xiaomi Note 5 Pro, Nokia 6 and the bets from Sony, BQ, Samsung and LG within this range that above all boasts a quality / price.

The best smartphones of less than 350 dollars

Depending on the configuration that is chosen, usually in relation to the amount of internal memory and RAM, the most relevant and level average range at the moment make up, below 350 dollars, the following terminals that we will compare in detail in front of the new Moto G6 and Moto G6 Plus. In some models, according to offers and availability, the suggested prices may vary.

  • Huawei P20 Lite
  • Xiaomi Note 5 Pro
  • Nokia 6
  • BQ Aquaris X
  • LG Q6 Plus
  • Samsung Galaxy A8
  • Sony Xperia XA2

Full screen and without frames to highlight

Moto G6 and G6 Plus vs Xiaomi Note 5 Pro vs Huawei P20 LiteWith more or less success, even in the most classic mid-range, the tendency to reduce frames to the maximum is what it takes. Beyond the aesthetic level, that format around 18:9 allows us to handle with diagonals above 5.5 inches in a comfortable way.

In the mid-range we are comparing, the new Moto G6 are thrown fully around 6 inches, and do so with dimensions that do not stand out from the competition, where the work of the Huawei P20 Lite is fantastic, being the terminal, together with LG Q6 Plus, which better dimensions offer in relation to its screen diagonal, especially in its weight, very reduced.

The penalty of the Moto G6 at the level of dimensions has much to do with the weight (now have a glass finish) and with the height. This is so because those Motorola are the only ones that keep the fingerprint sensor in the front.

MOTO G6 5.7 IPS FullHD + 153.8 72.3 8.3 167 gr
MOTO G6 PLUS 5.9 IPS FullHD + 160 75.5 8 167 gr
HUAWEI P20 LITE 5.84 IPS FullHD + 148.6 71.2 7.4 146 gr
XIAOMI NOTE 5 PRO 5.99 IPS FullHD + 158.6 75.4 8 180 gr
NOKIA 6 5.5 IPS FullHD 148.8 75.8 8.6 172 gr
BQ AQUARIS X 5.2 IPS FullHD 146.5 72.7 7.9 153 gr
LG Q6 PLUS 5.5 IPS FullHD + 142.5 69.3 8.1 149 gr
SAMSUNG GALAXY A8 5.6 AMOLED FullHD + 149.2 70.6 8.4 169 gr
SONY XPERIA XA2 5.2 IPS FullHD 142 70 9.7 171 gr

Regarding the quality of the screen, a priori everyone promises. The dominant technology is IPS except for the Galaxy A8 that stands out with its AMOLED panel (but also the highest starting price of all), and at the resolution level, there is nothing with less resolution than the FullHD.

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The mid-range does not have much to envy in raw specifications

Moto G6 and G6 Plus vs Xiaomi Note 5 Pro vs Huawei P20 LiteIf on the screen there is not much difference between the average range that we are comparing, the same does not happen with the interior. Here it sends the possibility of choice of different configurations in many of the models, which count almost in all cases with at least 4 GB of RAM and an amount of internal memory that on average is 64 GB.

The Moto G6 Plus, with its possibility of up to 6 GB of RAM and an internal memory that can only be 128 GB, stands out from the others along with the excellent data sheet for its price of the Xiaomi Note 5 Pro, which will shortly come to many more markets than the current ones.

MOTO G6 Snapdragon 450 3/4 GB 32/64 GB (+ microSD) Android 8.0 3000 mAh
MOTO G6 PLUS Snapdragon 630 4/6 GB 128 GB (+ microSD) Android 8.0 3200 mAh
HUAWEI P20 LITE Kirin 659 4GB 64 GB (+ microSD) Android 8.0 3000 mAh
XIAOMI NOTE 5 PRO Snapdragon 636 4/6 GB 64 GB Android 7.1 4000 mAh
NOKIA 6 Snapdragon 630 4GB 32/64 GB Android 7.1 3000 mAh
BQ AQUARIS X Snapdragon 626 3/4 GB 64 GB Android 7.1 3100 mAh
LG Q6 PLUS Snapdragon 435 4GB 64 GB Android 7.1 3000 mAh
SAMSUNG GALAXY A8 Exynos 7885 4GB 32 GB (+ microSD) Android 7.1 3050 mAh
SONY XPERIA XA2 Snapdragon 630 3 GB 32 GB (+ microSD) Android 7.1 3300 mAh

More equality is in the battery capacity. The average 3000 mAh only far exceeds the Xiaomi model, which with its 4000 mAh reinforces the idea of ​​being globally the most complete in terms of quality / price of this comparison.

Photograph that increases in level

Moto G6 and G6 Plus vs Xiaomi Note 5 Pro vs Huawei P20 LiteEven with the difference in quality that still exists between the cameras of the franchise phones and the rest of the ranges, the average range reached by the Moto G6 and G6 Plus already includes models of a high level of photography in many aspects.

This is the section where more differences we will find. We will compare them as they deserve at street level, but because of the technical files we can begin to see some significant differences. For example the double cameras, which take over this range with combinations that are not as effective as in the high range but that will convince many users. With this configuration we have already the new Moto G6, the Huawei P20 Lite and the Xiaomi Note 5 Pro, that little to repeat the performance of the Mi A1, will be very serious (too) in this section.

Of the rest of terminals we already emphasize particular things: the resolution of the sensor of the Sony model or the good performance of the only sensor of the Galaxy A8 (and its secondary double camera).

MOTO G6 12 + 5 MP (f1.8) 8 MP 249 dolalrs
MOTO G6 PLUS 12 + 5 MP (f1.7 Dual Pixel) 4K Video 8 MP 299 dollars
HUAWEI P20 LITE 16 + 2 MP (f2.2) 16 MP 350 dollars
XIAOMI NOTE 5 PRO 12 + 5 MP (f2.0 and f2.0) 20 MP 280 dollars
NOKIA 6 16 MP (f2.0) 8 MP 279 dollars
BQ AQUARIS X 16 MP (f2.0) 4K Video 8 MP 251 dollars
LG Q6 PLUS 13 MP 5 MP 321 dollars
SAMSUNG GALAXY A8 16 MP (f1.7) 16 + 8 MP (f1.9) 318 dollars
SONY XPERIA XA2 23 MP 8 MP 329 dollars

And the price? Well, in the more modest models of the G6 and G6 Plus the good predisposition in relation quality / price is repeated, with the always interesting extra of its version of Android, but without forgetting that there is Xiaomi with a new model that, when it is sold in markets, it will be difficult to beat again. For less than 350 dollars, which one would you choose?

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