If you want to learn how to program, these are the most popular and promising languages

Develop software has never been better valued and paid : the deficit developer is patent in the United States, where demand for these positions is huge, something that has made formed in this sole segment be guaranteed to find (good) employment.

Obviously when you start to approach this segment doubt it is clear: what programming language should I choose to start? Although there is no single answer, what is certain is that there are certain especially popular languages that can help guide you to that first formative option.

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Popularity has many faces

There are many factors that come into play when determining the popularity or interest generated by a programming language. In IEEE Spectrum, they used for example parameters that take into account the demand for jobs related to those languages and open source projects based on these programming languages.

Another of the best known indices, Tiobe, is primarily based on the aggregation of search engine Internet (what most wanted) to determine those especially popular languages, while PyPl measures that relevance according to the tutorials that Google offers for each language programming.

In ZDNet they wanted to combine all these indices to make a final ranking in which it could assess an index of global popularity, and the result was surprising, with three groups of actors languages.

Java and C are still kings

In the first group were Java, C, Python and C ++, languages and very seasoned and mass acceptance in all kinds of scenarios. The maturity, support and communities around all these languages has served to reinforce its position in the market, and of course being familiar with these languages is important to face new challenges in this field.

In the second set would be JavaScript, PHP (both closely linked to development), C # (if you want to focus on Microsoft environments, this is the option) and Swift (the language that Apple has already driving a couple of years.

The third group would consist of Objective-C (also from Apple, and being “cannibalized” by Swift) and a protagonist surprise: R, oriented statistical computing language that despite having more than 20 years in the limelight is Now when it has become popular thanks to the development of disciplines such as data science that is closely related to Big Data.

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Learning to program consists of programming

All this leads to some conclusions: Java is certainly a safe bet for its enormous popularity, and probably a good way to start to form in a very different field. Others believe that JavaScript is much more interesting as a first option, and the truth is that their presence in all kinds of internet projects is obvious.

Therefore it is very difficult if not impossible to determine whether there is a language in interest clearly superior to another (or almost humorous capabilities): each has its relevance depending on what stage and it is advisable to know to which field we want to direct our steps (Mobile applications, applications and web services, scientific programming, video games, artificial intelligence …) to start selecting that candidate. From there the recommendation of whom are professional developers it is clear: practice, reads the code of others and write your own code. That’s true for adults … and children, who are increasingly tools adapted to them to take those first steps.

The truth is that every developer usually has his language preferred by how comfortable he feels with him in his day to day life, but recommending a first language to learn is very complex. Many developers recommend go to something much more general and soak with which today is regarded as one of the most important treaties programming, the famous ‘The Art of Computer Programming’ by Donald Knuth.

The truth is that the best you can do if you plan a future in this field is to choose a candidate quickly and then start working with him, something that marked our colleague Txema Rodriguez, professional developer. There are more training resources than ever, both paid and free, and services like GitHub are excellent public showcase your talent and others. Knowing which is the most important programming language in the world may not be so important after all: the important thing is to get down to work and start hacking code as soon as possible.

The practice will do the rest. By the way, if you want to get into this world, attentive to Genbeta and especially Genbeta Dev, our two fully oriented world of software development and software publications.

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