iOS 10: How to install it and what your news?

As usual at this time, today Apple will release iOS in October, the new version of its operating system for iPhone and iPad announced during the WWDC last June. Here we summarize all the developments that will bring this OS, and everything you need to know about its compatibility and installation. We started!

iOS 10 devices

First of all, what you can install iOS devices in October? In this case, Apple has made this new operating system compliant with the following models:

  • iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, SE, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus.
  • iPad mini 2 mini 3 mini 4, iPad (4th gen), iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro (9.7″and 12.9″)
  • iPod touch (6th gen)

iOS 10
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How to install iOS 10?

Okay, your device is upgradable, then how install it? iOS 10 will be available today, but as I say is more than likely that during the first hours iTunes is saturated and costing you download it. Before saturation, patience. Also, you can go ahead working with these preliminary steps: frees up space to make sure you between upgrading, make a recent backup and remember you’ll need to be plugged into the charger or computer terminal.

Once Apple released the update, there are three different ways to update:

  • Update using iTunes: You connect the device to your computer, once iTunes will recognize it, the same program will tell you that there is a newer version of software and will offer the option to upgrade.
  • Upgrading from the device: If you have no computer handy, you can launch the update from the device itself in Settings >> General >> Software Update.
  • IOS install from scratch: From iTunes can install the OS from scratch, downloading the update, select your device and choosing Restore iPhone. Eye if you use this method: lose the information you do not have synchronized iCloud, so make sure you have a backup and everything in sync before proceeding).

A small detail, but certainly something many grateful: to pick up the phone, it detects that you do to see something in it and automatically turns the screen, revealing the latest notifications. Before you had to be yourself, which turn on the screen by pressing the home or off.

Redesign Control Center and notifications

If something also highlights iOS 10 is for the overall redesign of its interface, including the Control Center, lock screen and notifications.

  • Change in Notification Center and Control Center: Have been redesigned Control Center and the lock screen that displays notifications, making them simpler and less overloaded. It lost the “slide to unlock” as it is unlocked by pressing the home button directly. If the phone lock slide to the right being, you jump the camera. Swiping to the left, the widgets.
  • Clear all notifications: Yes, finally there is a button that will automatically stop erase all applications pull, without having to go one by one or group by group.
  • Interactive Notifications: without leaving the lock screen, you can respond to notifications, view the status of these (for example, a video you send the camera you have installed in your home or progress status Uber you asked).
  • 3D Touch in more applications: As a result, 3D Touch has become more useful, because in the widgets themselves can use it to access more information.

Siri in third-party apps

  • With third – party apps Siri: Siri is no longer limited only to Apple apps. Ideally, you can ask Siri to send a message through your favorite messaging app or you make a reservation for a trip, for example.
  • Siri voice improved and choose: Apparently, Siri also have a more natural voice in Castilian and can choose a male voice.

What’s new in Apple Music?

  • Redesign Music: If you are someone who thought that Apple Music was quite confusing, Apple has decided to redesign the app and say it is now more intuitive.
  • Lyrics: Little more to add: besides listening to your music, you can read the lyrics without leaving the app.

Home Automation with HomeKit

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Posts renewed in iMessage

iMessage was one of the protagonists of the WWDC by the amount of new features that Apple has implemented in the app. Among other things:

  • Apps for Posts: iMessage launches its own store of apps and extensions, with stickers, games and other applications .
  • Stickers: Yes, virtual “stickers” that you can place on conversations or images. You can download them from the App Store for iMessage.
  • Handwritten messages: Write them with your “finger” and your contacts receive them , in your own handwriting.
  • Smilies replaces words: After writing a message, you can select for you automatically replace words that have equivalent by that emoji.
  • Custom sandwiches: The effects come to snacks. You can, for example, to emphasize a message by their size grows with an effect, before returning to its original layout.
  • Animations that fill the entire screen: As balloons to celebrate a birthday or similar.
  • Invisible Ink: Send a message with hidden content, in which the receiver must “press” to access the content.
  • Quick answers: You say an “ok” by pressing on a message and choosing the symbol “ok”, similar to the reactions of Facebook.

Maps with more information

Maps receives a redesign, support third-party apps and some other interesting novelty:

  • Maps with more information Live will show you the best routes to get to your destination based on traffic there at that time or if you need to go through somewhere (for example, a gas station) on your route.
  • Where you parked: If you are someone who always forget where they parked the car, Apple Maps will remember it by default and will take you to him.

Improved keyboards

  • Multilingual keyboard: If you are someone talking to people in several languages in your everyday life, you certainly frustrating to have to go changing keyboard in the language you are using. Now iOS detects and automatically switches.
  • Intelligent Keyboard: Keyboard Apple analyzes the content of your conversation to offer suggestions appropriate to the context. For example, if someone asks you where you are, the keyboard gives you the option to send directly to the location.

Organize your photos yourself

Also in the news app that Apple uses to manage photos, including:

  • Memories in photos: Your photos and videos are grouped into “memories” automatically (for example, all the photos you have taken on a trip) and also creates a short video of each of them.
  • Best search engine Photos: What do you find photos of your cat or videos you recorded on the beach? Photos seeker receives an enhancement that allows you to perform intelligent searches of this type.


  • Adjustable flashlight: You can regulate the intensity of the flashlight: bright, medium, low
  • Delete apps from Apple: If you do not use any Apple app, you can now delete most of them as if they were any other app
  • Bedtime: New tab in the app clock that helps you set your alarm to alert you when you have to go to sleep and when to wake up depending on the hours you want to sleep, in addition to tracking your damages of sleep and show you a historical.
  • Raw images: Available, although with nuances.
  • Unlimited tabs in Safari: Before you could only open 36 now unlimited (which also will close at the same time with just one button).
  • TVOS to control Apple TV: Your phone as control your Apple TV with this app.
  • Disappears Game Center: Apple gives up this app and disappears from the preinstalled apps.

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