Gigabyte Aero 15, a laptop that feels just as comfortable in the office as in a stay gaming

Gigabyte Aero 15

This laptop reminds us that in the world of hardware we should not get carried away by appearances. As you can see in the image that opens this analysis, its chassis is stylized and its design is sober, which a priori can cause us to catalog it as a team with a professional vocation in which portability and a marked aesthetic seriousness act as the main claim. Nothing is further from reality.

Just take a look at its specifications to realize that, regardless of its design, this Aero 15 Gigabyte is a laptop for full-fledged gaming. In fact, as we will see throughout the article, it is that measured balance between a stylized and sober chassis, on the one hand, and a configuration “with muscle”, on the other, which allows this team to clearly stand out from other laptops. games And, in addition, it arrives with important novelties if we compare it with previous proposals of the Aero range. Let’s see what it offers us …

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