The new Samsung Chromebook with Chrome OS

This weekend we have spoken about the Chromebook Pro. It is a surprisingly powerful and complete portable Samsung is finalized for launch soon, and has attracted the interest of all those who have spent some time waiting for a strong commitment by Chrome OS.

Because make no mistake, Chrome OS had a vast low – end and high -end powerful, but almost no mid – range notebook with to try to seduce a wider public. Now it seems that this is beginning to change, which could help Chrome OS definitely off … if you get rid of the burden posed by rumors about his possible replacement.

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Chrome OS needs a midrange

Late last year we learned that Chromebooks and represented more than half of the teams that were acquired in classes of schools in the United States, surpassing Apple and Microsoft. The positive trend of these devices reconfirmed a few days ago with new data that hinted that remained strong while sales fell competition.

Interest in this operating system rose further in May with the announcement of the arrival of Android applications. This not only solved the eternal problem of lack of applications in Chrome OS, but turned to the platform in an example of benefits that can offer converged operating systems.

But Google still has a problem: almost all manufacturers only opt for a low – end computers for the educational field and the most basic users. It is a logical decision, since this is the target audience is getting Chrome OS exceed sales to Apple, but in turn is a decision that prevents the system can expand from other users.

Chromebooks low end, with just processors and 2 GB of RAM to give very little. They have the advantage that Chrome OS is lightweight, which allow them to surf the net with relative fluency, but with the arrival in the catalog of Android applications will be users who need more power for more advanced applications or games.

In the past, Google has tried to compensate for the lack of a mid – range as Pixel is creating a high – end devices that equilibration the balance at such low end. But with prices of about $ 1000, these Chromebook Pixel has always been too expensive for an operating system that still has much to prove.

The solution was not in the high-end, Chrome OS was crying average range that no manufacturer seemed determined to risk offer. Devices that would help the operating system to aspire to something more than being a tool of school, and to be able to also wooing the media laptop users who need to work or carry travel.

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Samsung and Acer to the rescue

Now it seems that with the growing popularity of the operating system, manufacturers are beginning to lose their fear and take it a little more seriously with devices more ambitious but not pass price. One of them, as we saw on Saturday was that Samsung Chromebook Pro being prepared.

We recall that the device comes equipped with a screen of 12.3 inches and resolution of 2400×1600 pixels that rotates 360 degrees to become a tablet. This functionality convertible a success to put aside the keyboard and get to use Android applications or games as if we were using a conventional tablet seems.

Also you have a stylus, an ARM six – core processor running at 2GHz (2 Cortex-A72 and Cortex-A53 4), 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. Come on, some specifications that should have no problem to get the most Android applications. The price is estimated to be around $ 500, still being twice that of the mid – range Chromebooks still very competitive against teams with Windows.

Moreover, we should also remember that Acer also announced in September its new Chromebook R 13, another laptop specially designed to get the most out of Google Play in Chrome OS with a full HD 13.3 – inch screen that, once again, is rotates 360 degrees to use in tablet mode.

Inside beats a quad-core MediaTek MT8173C Core Pilot (2 Cortex-A72, 2 Cortex-A53 and GPU Imagination Technologies GX6250), 4 gigabytes of RAM and configurations of 16, 32 or 64 GB of storage with prices processor that leave 399 dollars. Come on, as in the case of Samsung comes to be positioned in a mid – range so far nonexistent.

Therefore, all those users who had long wanted to take a chance on Chrome OS, but do not convince the proposals had so far, it seems that now may have a couple of interesting alternatives. It remains to be seen whether it is an isolated streak or really from now on begin to get new proposals.

The threat is called Andromeda

But there is still a great little factor that can make all the long road that has had to go Chrome OS for years to start being relevant is useless. One factor that by its mere presence can make, but we like these new proposals, decide to wait to see exactly what it is. And worst of all is that this enemy Chrome Os have it at home.

I mean Andromeda OS, the new operating system rumored that Google is preparing to replace Android and Chrome OS. According to rumors, it would be a converged system to Windows 10 or Ubuntu touch, one that would fit equally to phones, tablets and computers, and a response that could go the way of proposals as Remix OS.

So far, this operating system have a lot of talk but little or no official information. We know that to be true, if you play your cards Google could shake even the almighty Windows on the desktop, especially if it is able to inherit part of the overwhelming dominance that has Android on mobile devices.

The downside is that only the existence of the rumor that this system could come soon to replace Chrome OS, many recede can now invest in a system that in one year may be dead.

Therefore, to avoid harming manufacturers who bet on your system or Chrome OS itself, Google should give as soon as possible some information. I do not mean to completely unveil what its up to, but at least say whether Chromebooks that we will buy will be compatible.

In any case, rumors of an operating system like Andromeda have spent years playing, and the fact that Google would not do I not one wink last October 4 as expected seems to have cooled expectations. Still, we are sure that more than one until clear a little roadmap of operating systems Google will think twice before investing in another device.

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