Web design: Here are the trends of 2016

Web design

Every so often you have to change style and feel younger. Just a haircut or a wardrobe change and here it feels better already.

The same happens with the e-commerce: to do so please users eliminate some poor from the template and change the shapes of the layout. Because? The reasons are many: make it more attractive and inviting, credible and competitive, but also fast and interesting eyes of Google.

If you want to open a new e-commerce or do a makeover in yours, who still has flash animations, you’re in the right place here is the 2016 trends in terms of web design!

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How to make the most of Google+ for your business


When a company faces in the sea magnum of social networks may think it is necessary to be present in most social platforms, but especially in the early stage may prove useful to focus their energies on one channel. Google Plus is a viable intermediate solution among the most famous Facebook and Twitterfor those companies wishing to start a social campaign. This is the social platform of the largest and most popular search engine in the world and boasts more than 300 million active users.

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Social media analysis: How to monitor your social strategy?

Social media analysis

Today, social networks are key channels for the growth of a business, but their potential is often neglected by entrepreneurs who decide to entrust the management to grandchildren or children who “are always attached to the phone and know how to use these things.”

But the strategy on social networks is not just funny picture or copy-paste link: serves to plan, monitor and make ad hoc campaigns. At stake is the credibility and reputation of the company, which is the image that the brand is able to play the popular imagination. So improvisation is banned, even when you share a post of real-time marketing.

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Google releases “Save to Google”, extension to save Web content

Save to Google

In a completely silent Google today publishes the Chrome Web Store, as reported by Engadget a new extension that is called “Save to Google.” What is it? You know Pocket, the service “Read it Later” that allows you to save desktop side and mobile any information that you do not want to lose, and you have not the time to check out immediately?

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CUBE iWork12: Chinese hybrid with Windows 10 and Android 5.1

CUBE iWork12

The war against the big names in the sector of hybrid 2-in-1, these tablets can be associated with a full physical QWERTY keyboard and come with an operating system in effect for productive use, continues unabated. China continues to churn out very interesting products that challenge so direct Microsoft, Apple, Samsung and singer Company: today is the turn of CUBE iWork12, a hybrid tablet with dual boot came on the pages of the Chinese producer CUBE and, in parallel, in rebate flash GearBest.

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Apple Announces New MacBook with Intel Core M 2016 sixth-generation

New MacBook

Since falling sharply presence within the Apple Store, here is that Apple officially the ‘ update of the MacBook going to introduce some new features that are definitely happy the many admirers of the new notebook model – remember that this is the thinnest and lightest notebook ever created by Apple – but not without leaving a little ‘bitter taste in the mouth.

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